Intro to OSPFv2 – CCNA 200-301

TLDR, Summary of this lesson: This solely focuses on OSPFv2, for IPv4. OSPFv3 will be touched on later. OSPF is the open shortest path first routing protocol, which uses the Link-State Routing Process. Has a shorter AD, Administrative Distance, than other routing protocols. The shortest path is determined based on Dijkstra’s Shortest Path First Algorithm.Continue reading “Intro to OSPFv2 – CCNA 200-301”

Introduction to Network Switching

In This Lesson We Will Discuss Switching History Learn about Broadcast and Collision Domains Review How Switches Forward Traffic and the Methods Used A Little Backstory Today, switches are almost exclusively used to connect end devices to the network. This is because switches contain an algorithm that allows them to make forwarding decisions, i.e., whetherContinue reading “Introduction to Network Switching”

Setting Up Your Cisco Router

In This Lesson We Will Learn basic configuration of Cisco Routers Learn CLI Syntax for Routers IP Addressing Troubleshooting Setting Up Your Cisco Router Unlike switches, which are basically plug-n-play, routers do require a bit more configuration before being deployed into a network. These basic configuration tasks are listed below: Name the router Set aContinue reading “Setting Up Your Cisco Router”