You’re Taking Notes Wrong

You’re Taking Notes Wrong As a student of life and a student for life, taking notes is one of the most important skills you can cultivate and nurture and constantly improve. With that said, you’ve probably been taking notes wrong your entire life. Think of a time when you went back and revised or reviewedContinue reading “You’re Taking Notes Wrong”

What I Learned From Doing Nothing

Self-Reflection At the end of 2020, I found myself in a position of self-reflection. I had been made redundant from a job I held for most of my adult life and reevaluating whether it was a career I wanted to continue to hold. I decided to take some time off and do what I canContinue reading “What I Learned From Doing Nothing”

Top 5 Apps for 2021

Top 5 Apps for 2021 2020 was the year I learned how to break down my processes and reinvent them. I went on a deep-dive on how to be more productive and get the most out of my time. With that, came several apps that I added to my daily life to make everything workContinue reading “Top 5 Apps for 2021”

What I Learned From Talking to Myself

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Notion for basically everything: Note-taking, video scripting, blog writing, and journaling. For the past 30 days, since I’ve been made redundant from my job, I took it upon myself to embark on a journey of self-improvement. Part of that journey involved introspection. Something I’d shied away from,Continue reading “What I Learned From Talking to Myself”

Habits Aren’t Everything

Habits and Systems In the productivity world, building habits is law. Look up ways to be more productive, and I guarantee 8 out of 10 responses will involve ‘building habits that stick.’ But ‘just’ thinking about the habits you want to build isn’t everything. Sure, building a habit can lead to great things. I’ve builtContinue reading “Habits Aren’t Everything”

Introduction to Network Switching

In This Lesson We Will Discuss Switching History Learn about Broadcast and Collision Domains Review How Switches Forward Traffic and the Methods Used A Little Backstory Today, switches are almost exclusively used to connect end devices to the network. This is because switches contain an algorithm that allows them to make forwarding decisions, i.e., whetherContinue reading “Introduction to Network Switching”

How To Level Up Your Life

There’s an old saying believed to originate in the US Navy, with the acronym KISS, keep is simple stupid. It’s a simple saying, with a profound benefit. Most things in life will benefit by their simplicity, and the same is true when it comes to organizing your life for productivity and a positive outlook. BelowContinue reading “How To Level Up Your Life”

How To Stay Productive and Motivated

How to Stay Motivated The question on the title of this article is how to stay productive, but to stay productive, we need to stay motivated to be productive. So, in a time when our personal lives and work lives are intertwined like they’ve never been before for most of us (sorry people who workedContinue reading “How To Stay Productive and Motivated”

Introduction to Computer Networking

In this section we will: Learn the OSI and TCP/IP models Learn about the different networking devices Learn physical interfaces, cabling types, and various common network topologies Introduction to Computer Networking Just a side note before we get into it, this will be a longer study guide as it encompasses the basics of computer networking.Continue reading “Introduction to Computer Networking”