VLAN and Trunking Concepts, Protocols, and Configuration

In This Lesson We Will: Learn What VLANs are and why they are implemented Learn about Trunking and why it is important How configure VLANs and Trunking in your network VLAN Definitions: A VLAN is a Virtual LAN. This is a grouping of end devices within the same switch. A way to segment users byContinue reading “VLAN and Trunking Concepts, Protocols, and Configuration”

Basic Routing Concepts

In This Lesson We Will Learn: How a packet is forwarded and how a router learns routes Dynamic Routing Protocols Administrative Distance How packets are forwarded by routers: There are two functions that accomplish packet forwarding: path determination, and switching. Path determination is, as the name suggests, is the process the router uses to determineContinue reading “Basic Routing Concepts”

Setting Up Your Cisco Router

In This Lesson We Will Learn basic configuration of Cisco Routers Learn CLI Syntax for Routers IP Addressing Troubleshooting Setting Up Your Cisco Router Unlike switches, which are basically plug-n-play, routers do require a bit more configuration before being deployed into a network. These basic configuration tasks are listed below: Name the router Set aContinue reading “Setting Up Your Cisco Router”

Introduction to Computer Networking

In this section we will: Learn the OSI and TCP/IP models Learn about the different networking devices Learn physical interfaces, cabling types, and various common network topologies Introduction to Computer Networking Just a side note before we get into it, this will be a longer study guide as it encompasses the basics of computer networking.Continue reading “Introduction to Computer Networking”