Administrative Distance Vs. The Longest Prefix Match

Administrative Distance – Remember that each network can run, and likely will be running, multiple different routing protocols: OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, RIPV2, IGP, BGP, and IS-IS being the most commonly used, or at least the ones you’ll need to be somewhat familiar with for the CCNA. You’ll spend most of your time learning about OSPF,Continue reading “Administrative Distance Vs. The Longest Prefix Match”

How To Pass The CCNA! Thoughts and Tips on Passing the CCNA 200-301 Certification Exam

Around mid-February I took a few months break to fully invest my time into studying for the CCNA exam that I had been posting study guides for since January of 2021. While I firmly believe that if you know something well enough, you should be able to teach it; teaching it took up a fairContinue reading “How To Pass The CCNA! Thoughts and Tips on Passing the CCNA 200-301 Certification Exam”

Intro to OSPFv2 – CCNA 200-301

TLDR, Summary of this lesson: This solely focuses on OSPFv2, for IPv4. OSPFv3 will be touched on later. OSPF is the open shortest path first routing protocol, which uses the Link-State Routing Process. Has a shorter AD, Administrative Distance, than other routing protocols. The shortest path is determined based on Dijkstra’s Shortest Path First Algorithm.Continue reading “Intro to OSPFv2 – CCNA 200-301”

IPv4 Addressing

In This Lesson We Will: Dissect the IPv4 Header Learn the IPv4 classes Learn the purpose of the subnet mask Review IPv4 Subnetting and VLSM Introduction: While IPv6 is quickly gaining popularity in networks, most networks still work with private, classful IPv4 addresses. In fact, if you open up your command prompt or terminal onContinue reading “IPv4 Addressing”

Introduction to Network Switching

In This Lesson We Will Discuss Switching History Learn about Broadcast and Collision Domains Review How Switches Forward Traffic and the Methods Used A Little Backstory Today, switches are almost exclusively used to connect end devices to the network. This is because switches contain an algorithm that allows them to make forwarding decisions, i.e., whetherContinue reading “Introduction to Network Switching”

Stop Network Intrusions (Hackers!)

In This Lesson We Will: Configure device access control using local passwords Configure network devices for remote access using SSH Differentiate authentication, authorization, and accounting concepts Configure L2 security features (DHCP Snooping, dynamic ARP Inspection, and port security.) User-Device Security A user device, endpoint device, and host device are the same thing and the termsContinue reading “Stop Network Intrusions (Hackers!)”

Dissecting The Routing Table

In This Lesson We Will Review components of the routing table Review how a router makes forwarding decisions by default Routing table and Routing Decisions The router has two primary functions when it received an IP packet on an interface: Determine the best path to forward the packet based on its routing table Forward thatContinue reading “Dissecting The Routing Table”

How to Download and Install Cisco Packet Tracer in 2 easy steps

Welcome back! If you’re studying for the CCNA 200-301 or just want to play around and learn Computer Networking, there’s no better place to start than Cisco Packet Tracer. Below is a breakdown of how to download packet tracer in 2 easy steps. Remember, if you want more tips like these, sign up for myContinue reading “How to Download and Install Cisco Packet Tracer in 2 easy steps”

Basic Routing Concepts

In This Lesson We Will Learn: How a packet is forwarded and how a router learns routes Dynamic Routing Protocols Administrative Distance How packets are forwarded by routers: There are two functions that accomplish packet forwarding: path determination, and switching. Path determination is, as the name suggests, is the process the router uses to determineContinue reading “Basic Routing Concepts”

How To Stay Productive and Motivated

How to Stay Motivated The question on the title of this article is how to stay productive, but to stay productive, we need to stay motivated to be productive. So, in a time when our personal lives and work lives are intertwined like they’ve never been before for most of us (sorry people who workedContinue reading “How To Stay Productive and Motivated”