Know “Calm” Headphones – Review

The Case For Mechanical Keyboards

The Case For Mechanical Keyboards There’s a rabbit hole on the internet and in the computer world that, once located and if accidently stepped into, is deep and consuming. Is it the dark web? Is it weird pimple popping videos? No, it’s mechanical keyboards. Don’t believe me? Go on YouTube and type in “building aContinue reading “The Case For Mechanical Keyboards”

Know “Calm” Headphones

Front End Conclusion: A video review and unboxing is coming soon. Long and short of it, do these headphones warrant the price? For me, the answer is yes. For the $250 price tag you get features that are more commonly found in $300+ selections. Also worth noting, there are often several discount codes available toContinue reading “Know “Calm” Headphones”