Introduction to Computer Networking

In this section we will: Learn the OSI and TCP/IP models Learn about the different networking devices Learn physical interfaces, cabling types, and various common network topologies Introduction to Computer Networking Just a side note before we get into it, this will be a longer study guide as it encompasses the basics of computer networking.Continue reading “Introduction to Computer Networking”

Wireless Network Concepts

[ ] Explain role and functions of wireless network devices – AP, WAP, WLC, [ ] Describe Wireless Principles [ ] Compare Cisco Wireless Architecture and AP Modes [ ] Describe Wireless security and encryption protocols Two types of wireless communication – Infrastructure and AD HOC. Infrastructure – Think WAP. An AP connects to theContinue reading “Wireless Network Concepts”

IPv4 Subnetting By Hand

I wanted to do a dedicated section on IPv4 subnetting as this is typically the barrier to entry into computer networking. When I first started on this path of work, subnetting was the part I was dreading most. Even seasoned networking professionals (see Network Chuck) mention the leap from something relatively simple as the CompTIAContinue reading “IPv4 Subnetting By Hand”