Top 5 Apps for 2021

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Top 5 Apps for 2021

2020 was the year I learned how to break down my processes and reinvent them. I went on a deep-dive on how to be more productive and get the most out of my time. With that, came several apps that I added to my daily life to make everything work together. Below are my top 5 apps for 2021. These will be divided into two sections, 1. Productivity, and 2. Leisure.


  1. Notion – I’ve been singing Notion’s praises all year. It’s a fantastic all in one app for writing, note-taking, day planning, and daily journaling. While I will be mentioning other apps that work in conjunction with Notion and provide more fleshed out versions of what Notion can do, you could take all of those away and just do it with Notion. I use it for the Cornell Note Taking template and as a daily journal. And best of all? It’s absolutely free. There are paid options but the average single user has no real reason to pay for the app unless you want to support the developers.
  2. Things 3 – A to-do list is a must to keep your day organized, and for me, to check things off to feel like I’ve actually made progress that day. Things 3 is a super-powered to-do list. You can set daily tasks, create new lists for tasks that you want to complete eventually. My own Things is comprised of a set of daily tasks, daily reminders for what I need to do that day that repeat on set increments (i.e. Every Monday at 10 a.m. it reminds me to plan the week’s content out.) In terms of productivity increase, it’s hard to beat what a well-structured task list, goals, and systems manager can do for you.
  3. Grammarly – Grammarly is an app that lets you either write in it, or paste your writings, and it points out your grammar mistakes, misspellings, active/passive voice usage, and tone and clarity. Don’t fall into thinking this is just a tool for writers. Having taught classes on how to properly compose a work email, I know for a fact that employers appreciate an employee who can clearly and succinctly write out a proper business email. This one is also completely free.


  1. Waking Up – One thing I never thought I’d do in my life is meditate, but sure enough, 2020 was a strange year. I highly recommend combining this app with Notion and keeping a meditation journal. Author and Philosopher Sam Harris guides you through simple, 10-15 minute meditation sessions that help you focus on your breath, weed out distractions, and clear your mind. One of the biggest takeaways is the ability to focus on a single task, even with distractions around you. It teaches you to notice when your mind wanders, and when you’re lost in thought, and what to do with that. Another one that I can’t recommend enough, and is also free (for the first 5 days.)
  2. Kindle – I know, this one’s a bit of a cheat, everyone knows about Kindle. BUT, what you may not know is that Amazon has launched Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited gives you millions of bestselling books for only $10/month, with the first 3 months free. The Kindle app can also be added onto almost any device, and reading a book on your iPhone isn’t so bad. 2020 was a year of solitude and quarantine, and a lot of 2021 will be the same. Spend some of that time learning and reading.

I hope you can make use of these in the coming year and can keep to your resolutions. Here’s to a happier, more productive, and more positive 2021!

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